This is the page to look back at the things that have helped contribute to the ever growing Quantumverse. Relive some of your favorite Quantum memories here. We have the pics and Videos to prove it!

Local Loft Podcast Episode #155 1/12/21

Hear The first public plays of “Hell” and “Taxation Is Theft (Don’t get funny with my money)” on episode 155 of the Local Loft Podcast. Tim Lamping gives an awesome description of our sound. Check out the podcast RIGHT HERE.

Hard Rock Hell Radio UK 1/13/21

Quantum’s first trip across the pond, at least musically. We were on Hard Rock Hell Radio (HRH) January 13th with the single “Made Up Your Mind.” HRH is focused on bringing you the best independent, unsigned, and well known artists of hard rock. For those who couldn’t tune in to the Andy Sayers Rocks It! show on 1/13/21, we conveniently have a link to that broadcast RIGHT HERE.

Hard Rock Hell Logo

Bonfire Banter Podcast Episode #17 1/17/21

This was our first stop to promote the new album Quantum II: Electric Lucifuge. We played 5 tracks; Intros I&II, Made Up Your Mind, That One Good Song, and Buy My Way In. JP & crew were amazing hosts and the podcast is definitely worth the watch.

Bonfire Banter Podcast

Sugar Skull In Franklin Park 10/17/20

We were fortunate enough to get to play a show at one of our favorite venues The Sugar Skull in Franklin Park during the lockdown. This punk rock show had Very Bad Year, The Ugly Lovers, and Quantum on the bill. It was odd to play a sparse socially distanced show, but those who braved attending the show enjoyed themselves.

Brauer House 8/1/20

All we can say is was great to get back on stage!!! This was our first show since everything got shut down due to Covid-19 back in March. The energy was awesome and Jet Nedson delivered an amazing set to get the evening started.

Brauer House Show Flyer 8/1/20

Penny Road Pub 3/7/20

This all ages show was packed! There was a great turn out and the bodies were moving. Lee Street Shooters, Super Home Schooled, and Oversleeping all had solid performances on this bill. Quantum debuted Made Up Your Mind which was well received and really motors at the end. There’s video of a tasty number Miss Your Touch from this show up in the video section.

Sugar Skull 2/21/20

Quantum’s first show of 2020 was another solid performance full of energy and we debuted another new song, Buy My Way In. Black Hand and Better Than Nothing put on good showings and really brought the stage to life. Be sure to check out videos of Intro Part II and New Girl in the video section.

The Livewire Lounge 12/21/19

This Holiday rock show had everything you could want: No Christmas music, a good crowd, a bartender named Plum, and an inflatable doll that joined the people on the floor during the set. We had a great time playing with Caveat Empire and Rotten Finko And The Convicts. Be sure to catch Intro Part II (We Are Quantum) in the video section.

Jess The Ska Kid Presents @ The Union Park Tavern 11/3/19

This show had not one, but two great steps for Quantum! We were live-streamed, and played our first in Wisconsin. It was another great show at Union Park Tavern in Kenosha on November 3rd along with The Artist Formerly Known As Vince. This show was brought together by Jess the Ska Kid, be sure to check out her YouTube page HERE. You can see the whole show below, be sure to stick around till the end.

Quantum Is On Monster Compster Vol.3 10/31/19

Quantum is on River Monster Records’ release of Monster Compster Volume 3 with our first hit single “New Girl.” This collaborative effort features many up and coming top tier rock bands, and we’re glad to be a part. Get your copy today here!

Debut Album Out Now – 10/25/19!

Get our debut album Greatest Hits on all streaming platforms like: Apple Music , Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, and more today! Special shout out to Jay Minty Noska for the album artwork. Jay does art from canvases, tattoos, bad ass album covers, and more. check out his YouTube page HERE.

Silvie’s Lounge 10/11/19

Quantum gained some new fans at Silvie’s lounge in Chicago on Friday October 11th along with Wheel of Giants, A Dozen Paces, and Riverhorse. This was our first performance with our new drummer Andrew Nocom, and man did he bring it! We’re excited for what the future holds…

Private Event – Block Party 8/3/19

Quantum played a private event for some very close neighbors on August 3rd. It was brought so hard that the cops were called into our 5th song “Burden” that day. Luckily we know how volume knobs work so this was a non-issue and the event was a success! Contact Zac @ (312)375-5107 and ask about the volume 7 special.

Siren Records/McHenry Fiesta Days 7/20/19

This was the hottest show of 2019, literally! Quantum played outside with a heat index of 110 degrees Fahrenheit on July 20th, 2019. Special shout out to our new biggest fan Bryan with a “Y.” This guy was a one man crew and braved the sun and heat to show his newfound support while most sought shade!

The Gallery Cabaret 6/1/19

Quantum played the Summer Kick-Off show at the Gallery Cabaret on Saturday June 1st for a hungry crowd. This show featured a mix of art, music, good times, and drink specials.

Quantum at the Livewire 5/24/19

Quantum put on one hell of a show at the Livewire Lounge in Chicago on 5/24. This 21+ show featured appearances from: Elementaj, Yer Mothers Lovers, and Quantum. Thanks to everyone who made it out and those who came in off the streets to see the sound, it was our pleasure.

Private Event – Some People Get Better With Age 5/18/19

This was a special event for a special young lady that inspired Quantum to do their first cover. Contact Zac @ (312)375-5107 to book Quantum for your private event.

Quantum back on Chicago Sound Check

Quantum is back on Fresh Tracks from Chicago Sound Check with a live performance of their song 2 Weirdos recorded on 4/18/19 from their show at Reggies. Chicago Sound Check snapshots the local up and coming Chicago music scene and bringing the best to you.

Low Key Radio Spot

Low Key Radio featured our debut single New Girl on Sunday March 31st 2019 at 7:00 PM CST. Quantum to took to the airwaves!

Quantum at Reggies 4/18/19

Quantum was pumped to play The Radiate show at Reggies in Chicago on 4/18. This was a 17+ show featuring appearances by: Quantum, Half Empty, The GMO’s, La Rosa Noir, Cleveland Avenue, Satin Banshee, and Mooney Park. We had an absolute blast playing for those of you in attendance!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is reggies-with-bands.jpg

Quantum On Chicago Sound Check – First Radio Spot! 3/29/19

Quantum was honored to be in the Chicago Sound Check radio stations’ line up of featured Chicagoland bands and artists. Chicago Sound Check snapshots the local up and coming Chicago music scene and brings the best to you. It is a result of the collaborative love of music from Daily Herald time out! columnist Brian Schamie and concert photographer Neal Zeleznak

First Show! Catapult Collectibles 2/22/19

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