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Singles From Quantum II: Electric Lucifuge, Released 12/31/20

Intro Part II (We Are Quantum)
Made Up Your Mind

Studio Tracks from debut album Greatest Hits, Released 10/23/19

New Girl
Whatcha Gotta Say

Live Performances


Written by Zac Dawson 2019 Hardcore Zen Music ©

What is Quantum? quan·tum/ˈkwän(t)əm/


  1. PHYSICS a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

2. A band formed by Zac Dawson in the year 2018 hailing from the Chicagoland area. This type of energy cannot be boxed into one genre as it covers many angles. The songs are simple, catchy and straight to the point with no filler in the tradition of the singles of the 50’s and 60’s era.

Whatever needs to be said can be done within 2-3 minutes leaving no time for guitar noodling, excessive time changes or the like.

It cuts right to the emotional heart of the message being portrayed, nestling in your head like an earwig.

There is an aggressive, bubbling energy laying just right underneath the surface without boiling over.

Dirty guitar and bass back these tales of love lost and found, depression and overcoming the odds.

Quantum ushers in a new sense of urgency and melody seldom heard since the alternative rock explosion of the early 90’s.

This is a band to lookout for as they have the potential to change the musical landscape.

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